Fé Van Haght

Registered Counsellor & Life Coach

Begin to live a life you have POWER over!

What I Offer

A Safe Space


I provide you with a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space. This is where you will have the freedom to discover and gain insight into the stumbling blocks in your life. My aim is to assist you in understanding where these difficulties stem from. And challenge you to change your circumstances. We all have the power to create our own destiny. This space teaches you to believe in your ability to do so. The key to solving any problem, is understanding it and creating change.

Empower Yourself


 Often we don't realise the POWER we hold to create our own destiny, to create the circumstances we want, to live a fulfilling life. We don't realise the power we have to take back control and responsibility for the lives we want to live.

Often we are held back by limiting beliefs that we're not good enough, not smart enough, not worthy enough, and not hardworking enough, not beautiful enough!! Beliefs that we have to be perfect, that mistakes are bad! beliefs that we shouldn't disappoint others!

You don't have to be a subject of your circumstances! You can learn to create them instead! With a simple change! Changing the BELIEF that you can. Together we will work toward creating the self-worth YOU want and you will begin to EMPOWER yourself.

Achieve Your Goals


 Do you have dreams but not entirely certain they’re realistic? Do you want things for yourself, but sometimes feel you can’t achieve them or don’t deserve them. Together we will gain clarity on what you REALLY want. Help you develop the confidence and belief to achieve success. We will work together in creating concrete short and long term goals with an achievable action plan. We will be partners in accountability and motivation. This way we move toward achieving goals and reaching your dreams.